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Meet Bani

Yoga & Wellness Instructor

My Story

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to experience how powerful tools such as yoga, meditation, sound healing and reiki provided the pathway to healing and well-being. It was through my own personal transformation that made me acutely aware of how obstacles such as worry and anxiety depletes our energy and derails us from our desired life. I was able to witness firsthand how incorporating these healthy lifestyle practices facilitated more peace, joy and freedom in my life.

“Peace, joy and freedom is available to everyone. Want to live the life of your
dreams? I invite you to take this journey…”

First, a teacher.

I graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s of Science and later attended Nazareth College in Rochester NY to attain my Masters Degree with Certification to teach. I have taught for over 25 years.

Invited by a friend.

About 12 years ago, I was invited to attend a Personal Growth course called Life Results located in Rochester NY. It was there that I began learning tools to overcome anxiety as well as gaining awareness about the obstacles that were getting in the way of my own Peace and Joy. At that point I knew I wanted more and to continue on this journey to greater Awareness and Freedom. I began meditating regularly. My thinking was calmer and clearer. I began my day with more energy and joy increasingly free of worrisome thoughts.

After a short amount of time, I began to write meditations. I also immersed myself in books, audios, workshops and seminars on the topics of presence, mindfulness, creativity, healing and other personal growth practices to help create a more peaceful, joyful and love filled life. This work inspired and influenced me in writing guided meditations.

Certifications, and more certifications!

I completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 through Open Sky Yoga, which is an Iyengar Style Training. Since then I have been teaching weekly Yoga classes and use Restorative Yoga in my Meditation Sessions.

I also completed the Teacher Training for Jon Kabit Zin’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course through the University of San Diego California Medical Center as well as becoming certified in Reiki II.

To enable me to teach safe, alignment-oriented yoga classes, I completed a Teacher Training specifically for Back Care through Open Sky Yoga Center with Francois Raoult. As a result, I am able to give you stretching and strengthening options specifically to care for your back issue. I can modify any yoga pose to make it accessible as well as beneficial in healing your back and helping you live pain free!

My goal: help others life healthier lives.

For the past several years I have enjoyed teaching and facilitating meditation and personal growth sessions and workshops for various groups and individuals including offering workplace wellness and coaching. My goal is to help others live with more peace, joy and freedom in spite of any circumstance and to create the life of their dreams.