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Meditation for Your Health

Meditation Meditation for your Health Meditation for your Health  Meditate More so you can Medicate Less. Although meditation has been viewed as a spiritual practice, there is mounting research that it actually has a myriad of physical health benefits as well.  According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation can [...]

Love Life Again!

Meditation Love Life Again! Love Life Again! Young Kids Love Life Why do we adults have so much less "life" and "passion for life" than young children do?  Little kids can't wait to get up in the morning and start their day.  They're laughing and joyful much of [...]

Breathing to Thrive.

Meditation Breathing to Thrive. Breathing to Thrive. Breathing well leads to Being Well I was recently re reading one of my favorite yoga books.  It's Donna Farhi's, The Breathing Book.  It's 230 pages on Breathing!  You might say, "What can you say about breathing?!  We breathe in, we [...]