Bahamas Wellness Expand Your Life Retreat

Our retreat participants range from beginners who are just awakening to this spiritual journey, to yoga teachers who are advanced in their yoga/spiritual practice.

Held at Sivananda Center

 Paradise Island Bahamas

February 16 – 19, 2020

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Expand Your Life

“Have you been on a Spiritual path of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and devotion and still find yourself not living the life of your dreams?  

Are you stuck in a place of not having that wonderful partner that you know is out there or maybe you are still living paycheck to paycheck, not having the abundance to do the things that you would like?  

We can learn many wonderful things, but these all stay in the conscious mind. It is the subconscious, which is 95% of our thoughts, that is calling the shots. 

The good news…

Once we learn and practice reprogramming our subconscious mind, we let go of the old story with those limiting beliefs. We align the perception of ourselves with the life we dream of.

While some practice happens in deep meditation, some happens through music, sound healing, yogic stretching and more.

Your new story awaits!

Get in touch with your powerful subconscious mind, 

aligned your heart’s desires, to live the life of your dreams. 

We will use various techniques including:

  • a unique form of self-hypnosis with mental rehearsal
  • the Gong Bath (sound healing)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Heart Math

We will release the old story and integrate the shifts through mindful movement, tension releasing stretching, positive intention setting with breath work, drumming and song. 

Your Take-Home materials will help you continue your practice and customize a daily routine to Expand Your Life.

Join us for this exciting journey to expand!

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