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Private Sessions

Yoga & Wellness Instruction

Private Sessions

If you have some physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues you’d like to address, facilitate change in a particular area in your life or would simply desire a more private setting,  consider scheduling a private session. In a private session, we will utilize a variety of tools and techniques to specifically address your individual needs.  These techniques may include Yoga, Individualized Meditations, Reiki, Pranayama or breath work, sound healing and coaching.

To enable me to teach safe, alignment-oriented yoga classes, I completed a Teacher Training specifically for Back Care through Open Sky Yoga Center with Francois Raoult.  As a result, I am able to give you stretching and strengthening options specifically to care for your back issue.  I can modify any yoga pose to make it accessible as well as beneficial in healing your back and helping you live pain free!

Making The Shift (Four Week Package)

Change can be hard.  Our bodies are conditioned to feel a certain way.  It gets used to certain chemicals released by emotions that are limiting such as anxiety, worry, fear and negativity.  The mind has also formed connections or neuropathways in the brain to think the way that we are used to thinking and this becomes a program in the subconscious mind.  If we are used to thinking worrisome thoughts, then that becomes the default mode that we will slip into.

In order to shift into a state of greater health, wellness and happiness, it requires that we no longer fire together those same neuropathways in the brain and form new connections that serve our peace and wellbeing.

In this four week program of private sessions we will work to identify the patterns and programs that you’d like to shift and create a whole new set of connections in the brain as well as condition the body to a whole new set of chemicals that support your good health and well being.

You will be given recordings of meditations that we will record just for your specific situation.  You will be required to listen to the meditations daily over the Four Week period of time.

You will be amazed at the results that you will experience!  Not only will you feel like a whole new person, changes will happen in the outer world to reflect the inner changes and you will have opened up to a whole new life!

The cost of this package is $270.00

If you are interested, contact me for a phone consultation.