Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief

Every Tuesday and Thursday


16 Mendon Ionia Rd

 Mendon, NY
9:30am – 10:30am

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This style of yoga emphasizes precision and physical alignment of the body for a higher functioning and better feeling body. It is appropriate for people new to Yoga as well as advanced practitioners who prefer a slower more mindful pace.

This class is tailored to help both adults and children learn tools to reduce stress and live with an ever expanding amount of Joy and Peace, utilizing Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness to achieve these goals in order to remove tension from the body and mind, 

for greater health and wellness.

This class includes deep stretches to increase flexibility. You will strengthen muscles necessary for good back care and proper posture. It includes ball work to release deep muscle tension and improve the health of your muscle tissue. This class will end with aromatherapy oils and a light neck massage if you choose.


Call: (585) 957-6235