The Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light

The Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light

Welcome to the Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of the Purple Light, a healing center for spiritual growth and personal well-being, located in Rochester, NY, 2 hours from Niagara Falls and Lily Dale.

Every 1st and 3rd weekend of each month*

(at times, due to tour dates, dates may change, please check calendar below)

Free for the Month of March!

This month only! Experience the Sanctuary completely free!

Yes! You're reading it right!

The Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple of Light

will offer everything at no cost.

Get to know us, experience the magic

and become part of an amazing community!

Please note:

Sign up are required for free events. 

Guests can come up to 30 minutes early to explore the Sanctuary, the gift garden or just sit and absorb the energy! 

Temple Offerings

Sacred Sunday Service


Every 1st and 3rd weekend 

of each month.

Music, Meditation and a heart & mind expanding discussion with David Young & Bani Aello



Reiki • Qi Gong • Yoga • Readings • Stress Reduction Therapy • Coaching• Painting Classes • Group Meditation

Concerts & Speakers


David Young and special guests will share their musical talents and wisdom.

Art Tours


Tour the galleries of David Young's amazing channeled paintings and experience the energy!



Stay at our facilities Friday and Saturday night for $50 each night based on double occupancy per room.

Space Available


Contact us to rent our space! 

Special Events •  Monthly Meetings  •  Parties  • 

Contact: to book your space.

Healthy Lunches


A healthy salad with many options to create your very own nutritious masterpiece.


*Vegan, Gluten Free & Dairy Free options also available

Full Moon Parties


Full Moon celebration with Music, Meditation, Sound Healing and Dance. 

This is a BYOB event; water and Kombucha will be available. The Full Moon celebration is held in observance of the lunar influence that brings life and rhythm to Mother Earth and the precious lives in which she sustains. We gather each full moon to join in the rhythmic sway of the tides and BE the movement of the cosmic change, creating a better flow of being with less resistance and more synchronized movement with the cosmos.

The Garden of Gifts


The Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light has a growing gift garden of healing tools, crystals, jewelry, candles, art and fascinating products. Much of our inventory is added by request to meet the needs and desires of our guests. Each product is charged with the energy of good intentions and positive focus to bring the highest vibrational response. The Garden of Gifts is a feast for the mind, body and Soul!

Much, much more coming soon! 

Stay tuned....



Step into this mystical refuge designed to transcend conscious awareness from the limits of the human condition and into the infinite potential of the Divine Self.  

Within the walls of this sacred space, we are dedicated to nurturing your mind, body and Soul with awe-inspiring events, workshops, lodging and parties.

The brainchild of David Young and Bani Aello, the Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light is an "out of this world" experience designed with mindfulness, color therapy and sensory stimulation. This awe-inspiring place is a manifestation of art, channeled messages and cumulative wisdom that will embrace your mind, body and soul enabling you to tune into the higher realms of existence. 

You will be awed by the deep consideration of therapeutic color, conceptual art and meditative music that will bathe your body and mind with peace and tranquility as you enter this sacred space charged with crystal energy, aroma therapy and David Young's channeled art.   

The Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light is an ongoing expansion of passion and creative energy designed to educate and inspire people through music, art, bodywork (yoga, Qi gong, Reiki) channeled messages, therapeutic workshops and meditation.  

Revered as "alchemy for the human mind", the Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light holds the potential to transmute human perception into golden rays of Divine wisdom.

"This was an amazing experience! It felt like I was actually inside one of David's paintings!" 

Like the Universe itself, The Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light is an ongoing expansion of wisdom and spiritual growth. Stay connected and be part of this growing community of like-minded seekers and co-creators of an amazing world!

Photo Gallery

 (more photos coming soon)

The Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light 960 Sagamore Way Victor, NY 1456