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Reduce anxiety. Relieve stress.
Add more joy to your life.

Group classes, workplace programs, and private sessions that teach you how to reduce anxiety and manage stress by providing you with helpful and effective tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

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We’ll discuss what kind of stress you’re experiencing, and identify the appropriate class for you to start with.

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Visit your first class and experience the benefits of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.

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Apply what you learn to your everyday life, and experience the life that you are meant to live!


Private Sessions

In a private session, we will utilize a variety of tools and techniques to specifically address your individual needs.

MBSR Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course is a comprehensive 8-week introduction to the art of mindfulness.

Group Meditation

This class includes several kinds of meditation and relaxation for stress reduction.


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Bani’s teaching is truly inspirational. She radiates a positive energy and her classes allow me to bring my mind, body and spirit back into balance. I look forward to every session!
– Cathy Frederick

Meditation with Bani has literally been life changing. Just one hour a week balances my mind with my body, leaving me feeling reawakened and grateful. Thank you Bani for helping me rediscover myself.
– Aaron Passalacqua

Bani’s weekly group meditation experience introduces me to a variety of different types of meditation techniques. It has also inspired my commitment toward daily practice.
– Valerie Walton